Business in Brazil using Market Place


What you’ll learn 

To Understand the Brazilian Market

To know what a Marketplace is

To Discover Mercado Livre possibilities

To Take the opportunities to work on the Brazilian Market



  • Be able to Undersand the complexity of a Markets.
  • Have competences in entreprenerships and Export

This course is for students, entrepreneurs, employees who want to take opportunities on Brazil and its market. Joining this course, you will learn about :

– Understand the Brazilian Market,

– Know what the Market Place is,

– To discover and learn about Mercado Libre,

– The opportunities to work on the Brazilian market.

Thank you,

JLMN CORPORATION – Joséphine, Louis, Marine, Nirina.

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Who this course is for:
  • Students in business school who want to learn the Brazilian Market
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for new opportunities in the Brazilian Market
  • Employees or CEO who want to export a new product or services in the Brazilian Market

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